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Why Choose HID

When you make the switch to HID bulbs from standard halogen bulbs, the first thing you will notice is the amazing difference in the output of the light. Because HIDs do not have filaments and use gas to produce light, they are much longer lasting – up to 10 times longer – and, depending on the temperature of the gas, they can be had in different colors. They will also improve the visibility of both your vehicle and allow others to see you more clearly as well. This means improvements in safety to other drivers and pedestrians. The sooner that you can see any potential dangers or hazards, the faster you can react to it. HID lights are even simple to install and the entire process will take less than 30 minutes from start to finish. See for yourself just how great your car, truck or SUV can look by installing new HID headlights from

Better Visibility

As mentioned above, the visibility of your vehicle will be improved, as will the overall visibility that you have of the road and hazards in front of you. Because of the stunning looks of these HID lights, more people will turn their heads at your vehicle and notice you coming down the street. And because you can choose from a selection of hot looking colors, your vehicle can be one-of-a-kind in no time.

As for your nighttime visibility, HID technology gives you the confidence that you always wanted. No matter the time of night, or what the weather may be, HID bulbs will shine up to three times brighter than standard halogen light bulbs and will improve the overall coverage area of your lights by up to 70 percent!

Easy Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Our easy installation guide will help you install your HID kit in no time. Simply follow the instructions we have right here and your headlights will be better looking in no time. We have both PDF files and video install guides to help you be on your way to improved looks and upgraded safety.

Enhances Appeal

We understand the need to be unique and have your ride stand out on the streets. This is why we offer such a large array of colors and styles of HID kits for all makes and models.

Based on the temperature of the bulbs, the color of the HID lights can be changed, affecting how the lights look to the person on the street. The whitest looking lights are the cooler temps, like the 5000k or 6000K bulbs. A more bluish tint or a bright purple beam can be had if you step up to the 10000K or the 12000K lights. Although these are the brightest and most visually unique lights, they are not to everyone's tastes. Usually, most people tend to opt for the natural looking 6000K lights, as these are our best sellers.

But when it comes down to it, the visual appeal that these HID conversion kits give your ride will be well worth it. There is nothing else on the market that can improve your safety and make your ride stand out as much as these aftermarket HID kits.


35 W vs 55 W kit

55W HID headlights produce lighting that are up to 40% brighter than the 35W HID headlights. However they produce more heating and are prone to damaging the electrical components as well as the wiring system of your vehicles. The added size of the ballasts also make the installation process slightly more difficult than the 35W HIDs. In addition the light emitted from the bulbs tend to wash out the color creating a less satisfying result compared to 35W HID lights.

Factory VS Aftermarket

The HID conversion kits we offer converts standard halogen system to a Xenon headlight system. While the HID bulbs we offer may function with the fog lights and the high beams, due to the wiring configuration and bulb size differences, the low beams will not function with the HID kit bulbs we offer. There are factory HID parts available, however, for those looking to replace their low beams for the OEM HID headlight system.