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HID Headlight Kit - Common Issues & FAQ


  • Always Start your engine before you activate your HIDs.
  • Do not turn the HIDs on and off frequently or rapidly.
  • Do not install the HID ballasts and igniters near the engine or any place where water can reach the HID components.
  • Make sure the HID connectors are tight and secured to the stock harness.

Please Note:

  • You MUST DISABLE Daytime Running Light or “Auto Switch-On” functions before the HID installation.
  • HID systems require a minimum and continuous 12 Volt power source, which could be effected by ‘automatic lighting’ that comes on various vehicles.


1. Both HID bulbs keep flickering and making clicking noise.

  • Make sure the HID bulbs have been connected to the ballasts correctly and are secure.
  • Check for proper voltage output from your car battery.
  • If your car’s low beam has daytime running lights, make sure to disable that before installing the HID kit.

2. HID bulb modules do not fit.

  • Inspect if you bought the appropriate bulb type for your vehicle. Select your vehicle make on the top left corner to display the bulb type for your vehicle.
  • Some vehicles require adaptor that can be custom ordered from us (ex. BMW E46). Please contact us for information.

3. HID Lights turn on, but shortly after both sides turn off.

Fuse(s) may be blown. Please check your fuses box according to your vehicle’s user manual and upgrade the stock 10mA or 15mA headlight fuse to 30mA. 30mA fuses are included in the package.

NOTE: The 30mA fuses are 100% safe for your vehicle, they won’t cause problems such as damage your other electrical circuits.

4. HID randomly shut off on their own.

Inside of the HID ballast, there is a micro chip which is used to detect whether there is any potential problem. Any potential problems such as surges, voltage spikes, power shortage and even extremely high heat will trigger the self-protect and shut the ballast off temporarily. It takes approx. 3 minutes for the micro chip to reset. After a minimum of 3 minutes, please turn off the HIDs and wait approx. 3 to 5 minutes before use.

INSPECTION PROCEDURE: Please check the car battery. Check all connections between the bulb, ballast, & igniter. Check the vehicle battery terminal.

5. Only one light works, although both lights are installed exactly the same.

  • The polarity of one side might not match with the stock harness.
  • Fuse might be blown on this side.
  • Malfunctioned parts.

INSPECTION PROCEDURE: Check all connections between the bulb, ballast, & igniter. Check the bulb that does not work. Check the fuses. Use at least 30mA fuse if the stock 15mA fuse blows. Switch the failing bulb module to the working one to see if the problem remains. If the failing light now works, the bulb could be faulty. If the problem still persists, the Ballast and/or Igniter may be at fault. Check the Ballast and Igniter, switch it to the working side of the vehicle. If the problem still persists, the Ballast and/or Igniter are bad. If HID system works properly; your vehicle electrical connections, car battery, alternator, and other devices may have issues.

6. The ballasts make electric noise when first turn on.

This is normal. HID ballasts receive charge from the car battery in order to activate HIDs.

7. The HID works initially but starts to flicker sometimes.

It might be caused by damage bulbs / ballast or loose connection.

INSPECTION PROCEDURE: Disconnect all the connectors immediately. Clean each connector with alcohol or cleaning solution. Wait more than 5 minutes (reset ballast Safety Micro Chip) then reconnect or reinstall each connector. Check the connections between the ballast and factory harness (Power Source); check all connection between igniters and bulbs (yellow silicone connectors); check your upgraded fuse. They must be 20amp minimum. Remember, each connection has to be 100% secured with one another.

8. HID will only work when the high beam is turn on.

This usually occurs with the H4 kit because it has a three pong plug rather than just “+” and “-”. Make sure you have plugged those three wires correctly to their positions. Usually the combination is Yellow, Black and Red. For more details please check installation.

9. HIDs work when the engine is off, but shut off when engine is running.

For some newer model cars (such as 04+ BMW, 04+ Mercedes & Others) the cars have onboard computers to restrict outsource components such as HID conversion kit or aftermarket MP3 Players. In order to install HIDs on these types of vehicles, HIDs ballasts must be directly powered by the car battery.

10. The HID bulbs changes color when first turn on.

Reason: This is totally normal. At the beginning, the ballasts are storing the power from the battery of the car. Since the power has not been stabilized yet, the bulbs will might have different colors or even flicker a little bit. However, as soon as the power is stabilized by the ballast, the bulbs will become normal.

11. The colors, tones or lighting effects of the two bulbs are different.

For new bulbs, sometimes the colors appear to be different for the first couple hours of burning. The colors should become similar over time.

12. My installed kit doesn’t turn on!

Sometimes the connector you insert into the ballast must be reversed!. Some cars wiring is reverse polarity, so you may need to switch the polarity and that fixes the problem 99% of the time. Some vehicles simply require problem eliminators to solve "not turning on" or "Flickering effect".

13. I start my car with the HID kit turned on and one or both of the lights turn off.

The lack of power and pulsing voltage when your starter is cranking may activate the safety circuit in the ballast and turn one or both off to protect its self.


  • Start car with headlights turned off.
  • Install a wire relay harness.

14. My lights stay in low beam only and nothing happens when going to High Beam or they shut off in high beam!

This is a common problem associated with polarity from the cars factory connector. Each vehicle manufactures uses a different configuration for (Ground / Low Beam / High Beam). You will be required to take a set of pliers and pull the pins out from the connector and insert them into your factory harness in a different configuration.

Our HID connector end will have: Ground = Brown, Low Beam = Blue, High Beam = White.

INSPECTION PROCEDURE: Inspect for damage in the light housing. Clean the lens of the light. Inspect the positioning of lights to ensure both are at the same angle to the road.