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Scion HID Conversion Kit


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When customizing your Scion with aftermarket parts and accessories, don’t forget about your car’s light bulbs. Swapping out your factory bulbs for premium Saturn High Intensity Discharge bulbs will elevate your style while allowing you to truly see the road at night. Burn bright like a star on your night drives with these vibrant lights; HIDs are the latest in bulb technology and headlight style. The Xenon bulbs are known to produce efficient lighting that produce an upscale feel.

The popularity of Scion HID conversion kits are derived from the ability to produce varying Kelvin rates. While having no bearing on the kilowatt power output of the light, Kelvin numbers correspond to different colors emitted. High Kelvin counts will create blue or purple brilliance, while lower counts yield yellows and reds. Though, little is comparable to a solid clean white. Tune out your Scion’s head lamps with some seriously eye-catching HID bulbs.