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Saturn Vue HID Conversion Kit

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Get the custom look you want for your vehicle with Saturn Vue HID headlights. HID stands for High Intensity Discharge, and Vue HIDs are certain to impress with their bright, intense light output. The improved on-road light coverage and peripheral vision provided by Vue HID lights make it much easier to drive at night or during severe weather. Mostly, though, a Saturn Vue HID kit amplifies your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal. You can customize your HID conversion kit to match your color preference, so you can choose anything from soft yellow to vivid blue headlights. Vue xenon HID bulbs are also energy saving light bulbs, meaning if you’re the kind of person who values ‘going green,’ you can get headlights that are more efficient and last longer than stock models. Your kit should come with 2 HID ballasts, 2 bulbs, and any other materials you need for modifying your headlights, so don’t wait to perform this effortless upgrade.

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