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Saab HID Conversion Kit


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Nothing adds more style to your Saab front end than a new set of High Intensity Discharge bulbs. HIDs will let you truly see the road at night with their revolutionary bulb system. By using an electronic field to burn metallic salts, Xenon bulbs create an unparalleled shine that is solid and clean. Best of all, HIDs can come in different colors. Spice things up with a warm red-yellow or make things sleeker with a cold blue vibrancy. The choice is up to you.

Older model Saabs will most probably require a HID conversion kit for proper installation. These Saab headlight conversion kits come with a HID ballast for your model. Otherwise, HID bulbs are a breeze to install. They come with a simple plug-in installation method and can be fashioned from the comfort of your own garage. Get the efficient lighting your Saab deserves with HID bulbs.