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Nissan HID Conversion Kit


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If you want dramatically improved visibility on the road and aesthetic appeal to show off, you’ll want to pick up and install a Nissan HID conversion kit. HID stands for High Intensity Discharge, and Nissan HIDs are certain to impress with their longer lasting, brighter lights. Nissan HID lights utilize plasma, allowing them to emit most of their energy as visible light. Incandescent bulbs, on the other hand, expend much of their potential light energy as heat, which is wasteful.

Your new Nissan HID headlight kit will generally include 2 Nissan HID ballasts, necessary for proper electrical current regulation, as well as 2 HID bulbs. Other than creating an efficient lighting system, you can also create a custom-designed one, as your Nissan HID kit can be selected in a variety of colors. If you desire something subtler, try yellow or white HID lights, or go for something bolder and more dramatic with vivid blues and purples. With looks and performance possibilities this impressive, you’ll be glad you chose these HIDs over halogens and other lighting component upgrades.