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Mitsubishi HID Conversion Kit


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Transform your Mitsubishi from factory-standard car to something truly impressive with a Mitsubishi HID conversion kit. HID stands for High Intensity Discharge, and Mitsubishi HIDs are both brighter and longer lasting than conventional headlights. For an efficient lighting system, you’ll want to install a Mitsubishi HID kit, as HIDs utilize plasma. This allows HIDs to expend much of their energy as visible light, compared to incandescent bulbs which emit much of their energy as wasteful heat. On top of this efficiency, Mitsubishi Xenon HID bulbs make your car look more upscale, even more so than popular upgrades like halogen lights.

Mitsubishi HID headlight kits generally include 2 Mitsubishi HID ballasts, used for proper electrical current regulation, as well as 2 HID bulbs. You can pick out a customized headlight color ranging from subtle yellows and whites to bright, dramatic blues and purples. Once your Mitsubishi HID conversion is completed, you’ll be able to show off an aesthetically-pleasing, classy looking car that also happens to keep the road ahead brighter than ever.