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Mini HID Conversion Kit


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If you really want to customize your Mini Cooper, and even better, do it without much in the way of install time or effort, you should pick up and install a Mini Cooper HID conversion kit. HID stands for High Intensity Discharge, and Mini Cooper HIDs are certain to impress with their long-lasting, bright light output. Unlike incandescent bulbs, which expend much of their available energy as heat, Mini Cooper HID lights utilize plasma, producing energy that is primarily spent as visible light.

A Mercury HID headlight kit generally contains 2 Mercury HID ballasts, for proper electrical current regulation, as well as 2 HID bulbs. Mercury Xenon HID bulbs are also great for customization, and are impressive upgrades compared to even halogen lights. You can get headlights that range in color from subtler yellows and whites to vibrant blues and purples, so pick out whatever color you desire. With a Mercury HID kit, you’re certain to keep the road ahead brighter and your car more aesthetically appealing.