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Mercedes Benz HID Conversion Kit


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There are few upgrades as simple to perform as changing out your car’s headlights, so far a dramatically-improved vehicular appearance, you’ll want to install Mercedes HID lights. HID stands for High Intensity Discharge, and Mercedes HIDs provide you with an effective, efficient lighting system that stuns with both its elegance and its ferocity. Using metal salts and electric arc setup, HIDs produce plasma, which gives off the majority of its energy as visible light. Most incandescent bulbs emit much of their energy as heat, which is wasteful, and even popular halogen headlights can match the light intensity provided by Mercedes Xenon HID bulbs.

Your new Mercedes HID headlight kit will generally contain 2 Mercedes HID ballasts, which are used to regulate electrical currents properly, as well as 2 HID bulbs. You can even customize your Mercedes HID conversion kit, and go with colors ranging from softer whites and yellows to bolder purples and blues. For headlights every bit as classy and dramatic as your Mercedes, you’ll want to pick up and install Mercedes Xenon bulbs and upgraded HID components.