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Lexus HID Conversion Kit


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Lexus HIDs are popular and aesthetically-appealing replacements for halogen headlights, as well as other more conventional headlight components. With a Lexus HID headlight kit, you can get headlights that range in color from a soft yellow to dramatic purple and bold blue. This custom-coloring is thanks to the way Lexus Xenon HID bulbs work, as they use metal salts to create plasma, which in turn produces intense light output.

Unlike incandescent bulbs, the light emitted by components from your Lexus HID conversion kit is much more efficient, allowing you to craft an incredibly efficient lighting system. This efficiency is possible because Lexus HID lights give off much more of their energy as visible light, as opposed to the large quantities of energy given off as heat in incandescent bulbs. Generally, Lexus HID kits contain 2 Lexus HID ballasts for proper electrical current flow, as well as 2 Lexus HID bulbs or Xenon bulbs. For impressive lighting on the road, you’ll want HIDs for both of your car’s headlights.