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Land Rover HID Conversion Kit


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Get dramatic lighting from your vehicle’s headlights in any variety of colors with a Land Rover HID conversion kit. HID stands for High Intensity Discharge, and Land Rover Xenon HID bulbs provide light coverage that goes unmatched even by halogen bulbs. Commonly found on luxury and high-end cars, Land Rover HIDs are an easy way to give your vehicle that upscale look, all with just a changing of the bulbs.

Land Rover HID kits generally contain a set of 2 HID bulbs, 2 Land Rover HID ballasts (for proper electrical flow), as well as any other required hardware for installation. HIDs allow you to craft an efficient lighting system, as HID lamps produce plasma using an electric arc and gas/metal salts. This plasma radiates much more of its energy in the visible light spectrum, preventing excess heat expulsion that commonly lowers the efficiency of incandescent bulbs. For brightly colored, bold, and efficient headlights, pick up a Land Rover HID headlight kit.