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Kia HID Conversion Kit


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Improve your nighttime visibility on the road with the latest and greatest in bulb technology. Nothing stacks up to the luminance and style of High Intensity Discharge bulbs. These recently developed bulbs create vibrancy that’s far superior than your factory Kia bulbs. Swapping those OEM bulbs out for Kia HIDs can be one of the most valuable upgrades you can install on your Kia.

Kia tuners will love Xenon bulbs because of their ability to come in a variety of colors. Outfit your Kia with a dazzling solid blue, a shining purple, a warm glowing yellow, or a traditional clean bright white set of lights. The customization options are endless. We also carry Kia HID conversion kits for older model Kias, which include the HID ballasts. Upgrade to a true Kia efficient lighting system.