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Jaguar HID Conversion Kit


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HID headlamps are standard feature of luxury vehicles such as Jaguars. However there’s more room for customizations with the Jaguar Xenon bulbs as there are various color options available. Assembling a unique and elegant look of your ride while still differentiating yourself from the cars off the mundane straight out of the factory line vehicle is as easy as installing the Jaguar HID conversion kit.

All necessary components are included in the HID Xenon kit including HID ballasts for Jaguars. The efficient lighting and outstanding durability is another attractive feature of the Jaguar HID Xenon bulbs. The modification only requires basic tools and the resulting change to your vehicle is quite stunning. With improvements in the visual capacity due to the brightly emitting light along with the upscale look, HID headlights are what your vehicle deserves when it comes to modifying your vehicle for a personal touch.