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Ford Ranger HID Conversion Kit

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Your truck is designed to handle a wide assortment of rough and tasking assignments, from hauling materials across town to towing small loads. With ineffective headlights, however, your truck will only be able to perform those jobs in bright daylight. For headlights that last longer and shine brighter than conventional makes, you’ll want to install Ford Ranger HIDs. HID headlights utilize an arc-based system that superheat metal salts, creating plasma that provides longer-lasting, brighter light output. As Ranger HID lights expend more of their energy on visible light as opposed to heat when compared with standard models, the result is dramatically improved on-road night vision and energy efficient lighting. Your truck’s looks will benefit too once these energy saving light bulbs are installed, as xenon bulbs provide an upscale look reminiscent of high-end sports cars. You’ll be able to pick out the custom color you want for your Ranger HID kit too, giving you a truly personalized headlight apparatus. For all your HID ballasts, bulbs, and upgrade needs, just pick up a Ford Ranger HID conversion kit and get started.

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