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Ford Explorer HID Conversion Kit

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Your SUV is designed to be a versatile vehicle that serves many purposes, so why not upgrade to headlights that serve just as many functions. Ford Explorer HIDs utilize energy saving light bulbs, expending more of their energy as visible light, versus the excess heat given off by more conventional setups. Xenon bulbs can also be customized to match your color preference, so go with anything from a soft yellow to a vivid purple. This way, your Explorer HID kit allows you to personalize the look of your vehicle, so it has raised aesthetic appeal, and you have an SUV you enjoy showing off on the road or off. Your Ford Explorer HID conversion kit should contain everything you need for installation, including 2 Explorer HID ballasts and 2 HID bulbs. Whether you go with H7, Hella, or something else entirely, you’ll be able to enjoy all the versatile benefits provided by a Ford Explorer HID upgrade as soon as it’s installed.

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