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Eagle HID Conversion Kit


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HIDs for Eagles grants your vehicle with an upscale look that other luxury cars possess. This is because Xenon bulbs are a standard feature on vehicles like BMWs and Jaguars. The crisp light emitted by the Eagle HIDs are also available in different colors from golden yellow to resilient violet, allowing you to customize your vehicle without losing the luster of your ride. Xenon bulbs for Eagles aren't all about the looks though, as they offer lighting that is up to three times brighter than the OEM halogen bulbs.

Efficient lighting is another thing the Eagle HID conversion kit provides for your ride. When equipped, HID bulbs not only enhance your visual capacity by up to 70%, but the Eagle HID bulbs are designed to be longer lasting and more durable than the OEM bulbs. Each HID conversion kit comes with two Xenon bulbs and HID ballasts as well as necessary hardware to make your installation easy. Getting a customized look with an improved night time driving is as easy as equipping your ride with an Eagle Xenon kit.