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Dodge Charger HID Conversion Kit

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If you want customizable headlights, the best way to go is installing a Dodge Charger HID conversion kit. HIDs provide significant improvements in on-road light coverage and driver-based peripheral vision, as well as amplifying your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal. The best part, however, is that Charger HID lights not only outshine the competition, they also come customizable in a variety of colors. You can go subtle with softer yellow and white HID headlights, or choose something more dramatic, like a bold blue or fierce purple. You can also choose from Hellas, H7s, 9006s, and more, so whatever Dodge Charger xenon bulbs you choose, they’ll match your preferences exactly. That’s something even halogen replacements can’t provide. Your Dodge Charger HID kit should contain 2 HID bulbs as well as 2 ballasts, so you’re sure to get proper functionality and current regulation. When it comes to headlight upgrades that meet your every need, both performance-wise and aesthetically, you’ll want Charger HIDs.

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