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Chevrolet Cavalier HID Conversion Kit

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Conventional headlight bulbs just don’t match up to those energy saving light bulbs you hear about so often. Many owners avoid light upgrades because they feel they’re getting ripped off for the price, but that isn’t so with Chevrolet Cavalier HIDs. HID headlights utilize plasma, formed by superheated metal salts, and this plasma allows for more of your car’s available energy to be emitted as visible light, versus spent as heat as most incandescent bulb users can attest to. With Chevy Cavalier xenon HID bulbs installed, you’ll have better peripheral vision and increased light coverage on the road, perfect for driving in the dark or during severe weather. Your new Cavalier HID conversion kit should include 2 HID ballasts and 2 HID bulbs, as well as any other materials you’ll need for installation. Whether you’re going for a 9006, H7, or otherwise, you’ll get impressive results in terms of energy efficiency and performance from a Cavalier HID kit.

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