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Chevrolet HID Conversion Kit


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Chevrolet Xenon bulbs are the latest in headlight technology and will revamp your nighttime driving experience. Using electronic fields to burn metallic salts, Chevy HIDs shine a bright, clean light most often found on high-end sports vehicles. Swapping out your car’s OEM bulbs for aftermarket HIDs can drastically change the appearance of your vehicle’s front end, all for the better.

Best of all, these bulbs come in an array of different colors. The colors depend on the number of Kelvins each HID emits. This is different than kilowatts, which is the proper measure for the light’s brilliance. No matter the number of Kelvins, the intensity of the light doesn’t change. For crisp blues and brilliant purples go with a high Kelvin count. For warm reds and yellows, option for a low Chevrolet HID bulb Kelvin count. We also carry Chevy HID conversion kits and HID ballasts for older Chevy models.