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Cadillac HID Conversion Kit


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Caddy tuners rejoice, the time has come to outfit your Cadillac with High Intensity Discharge bulbs. HID bulbs have made their way to Cadillac in a big way. Tuning enthusiasts everywhere are equipping their models with these cutting edge light bulbs. Cadillac HID bulbs come in varying degrees of Kelvins. Kelvins equate to different emitted colors, so choose the color that best suits you. High Kelvin counts yield the colder colors (blues, greens, purples) while the lower Kelvin counts shine warmer tones (yellow and red) out of the Xenon bulbs.

Cadillac HID conversion kits include Xenon bulbs and HID ballasts. This way, you can be sure you get the right setup for these high-grade headlight bulbs. Once you have everything you need, installation is a cinch. HIDs utilize a plug-in installation system, so you can swap out your OEM bulbs from the comfort of your home. Take your car’s front end to a stylish new level and truly see the road at night with Caddy HID bulbs.