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BMW 3 Series HID Conversion Kit

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You floor the competition on the road with your BMW, so why settle for subpar headlights? Most stock bulbs and even halogens can’t match up to the bright on-road light coverage and energy efficiency provided by these high-end HIDs. These energy saving light bulbs from a BMW 3 series HID kit utilize plasma that’s formed by superheated metal salts, and compared to more conventional lighting components, provides significantly improved luminosity, peripheral on-road vision in the dark, and energy efficiency. A BMW 3 series HID conversion kit generally contains 2 bulbs and 2 HID ballasts (for proper electrical current regulation), and can be found in labels ranging from 9006 to Hella and H7. For a BMW 3 series HID setup that meets all your desires, you can even select the color of the light you want, which only makes these 3 series xenon bulbs all the more versatile. For headlights that don’t sacrifice style for substance, you’ll want BMW 3 series HID upgrades.

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