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Audi A4 HID Conversion Kit

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With a car as classy as an A4, you won’t want to have car headlights that serve as eyesores, dull and dated over the years. With Audi A4 HID kits, you can transform you car from a dim beacon to a fully-capable vehicle, with light coverage that provides on-road visual clarity and enhanced peripheral vision. A4 HIDs utilize plasma, which forms after superheating metallic salts with an arc tube. This plasma allows for dramatically improved luminosity, as well as energy efficiency for those who value ‘going green.’ For Audi A4 energy saving light bulbs, HID ballasts, and an array of brand name parts from H7, 9006, and the like, you’ll want to pick up the right A4 HID conversion kit. Pick out a headlight color you desire, and you’ll always see a clearer road ahead.

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