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Audi HID Conversion Kit


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Complement your Audi’s sleek design with some stylish new High Intensity Discharge bulbs. These bulbs blow those factory Audi halogen bulbs out of the water. Using an electronic field to burn metallic salts, Audi HID bulbs emit a strong, bright light that illuminates the road at night. Truly see the road in the dark with some custom Audi HID bulbs.

Audi-tuners love HID light bulbs because they come in variety of colors. Different bulbs come in different Kelvin counts. So for the colder colors like blue and purple you will want a higher Kelvin count. Coincidently, reds and yellows call for a lower Kelvin count. No matter what your Kelvin count is, it will have no effect on the power output of your bulb’s luminance. Outfit your Audi today with the latest in bulb technology by installing an Audi HID kit.