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Acura RSX HID Conversion Kit

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Conventional headlights can go dull and fade over the years, leaving you with a vehicle that has poor light coverage on the road, as well as inferior aesthetic appeal. For a headlight system that dramatically improves on the light input provided by halogens and other stock bulbs, you’ll want to pick up and install an Acura RSX HID conversion kit. The RSX xenon bulbs provided by the HID kit will give off significantly improved light output, and are customizable in a range of ultramodern colors. Acura RSX HIDs use an electric arc to superheat metal salts, and this process creates plasma. For this reason, these RSX energy saving light bulbs are highly efficient and generate light intensely brighter than standard headlights allow for. Whether you’re looking for Hella, 9006, or other types of HID setups, pick up RSX ballasts and xenon HID bulbs that floor the competition with ease.

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