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Acura HID Conversion Kit


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Nothing provides your tuned-out Acura the punch it needs better than a new set of High Intensity Discharge bulbs. Detail your Acura’s front end with some HIDs and truly see the road at night, and look good doing it. Using the latest bulb technology, Acura HID lights emit a strong luminance generally found on high-end sports car. Upgrade your lighting system with these stellar HID bulbs.

Best of all, Acura HID bulbs come in different colors. HID colors are dependent on their number of Kelvins. Those light bulbs with a high Kelvin count will register as blue or purple, while lower counts yield reds and yellows. There is always the traditional white as well. HID conversion kits are available for older model Acuras, as are HID ballasts. Take your Acura’s front end to the next level with some stellar new HIDs.