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2 HID bulbs (Philips quality)

2 Digitally regulated ballasts

Wiring & mounting hardware

Installation manual


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  • 12000K Bulbs 12000K
* 6000K most popular

What are the differences between Halogen bulbs and HID bulbs?


Increased Visibility

HID stands for High Intensity Discharge. They are also known as Xenon headlights. When you upgrade your stock headlights to the HID headlights, you are able to improve your night time driving experience. HID kits emit a light that shines farther than the stock bulbs, HID headlights are three times brighter than the halogen bulbs. By installing these HID lights, they effectively broaden your peripheral coverage by as much as 70%, giving you added reaction time to notice and avert potential hazardous road conditions.

How Does HID Headlights Work?

Xenon headlights function similarly to fluorescent lights in that the lights are produced by transmitting current through metal vapor. Unlike the standard halogen lights, the HID headlights use ballasts to maintain the voltage needed to charge the bulbs. The HID lights use less current however, and can grant you light that is three times as bright as the standard halogen lights for less power.

Custom Lighting Custom Appeal

Aside from the improved safety, HIDs also offer a visual appeal that exhumes a sense of luxury, in fact, Xenon headlights are standard feature on most upscale vehicles. For those craving for the uniquely captivating look, there are various color options available for you to choose from. Depending on the color temperature, Xenon lights can produce colors ranging from bright yellow to shimmering violet.

Shines On and On and On and On

Longevity is another advantage that HID headlights possess over halogen lights. Not only do the HID bulbs emit light that is three times brighter and consume less energy, they can last up to ten times longer. When you take energy efficiency and impressive lifespan into account, the HID conversion kits available through us make them the best value around.


Bi-Xenon vs. Hi/Lo


Bixenon bulbs are single bulbs that can function for both high beam and low beam. When switched from low beam to high beam, the motor installed in the bi-xenon HID positions the bulb to its appropriate place. Most cars that utilize single bulb for high beam and low beam can be retrofitted with the bi-xenon bulbs.

Hi/Low bulbs can also function as both the high beam and low beam. The notable difference however between bixenon bulbs and high low bulbs are that hi/low bulbs pocess two bulbs in one socket, HID bulb for low beam and halogen bulb for high beam.


Relay Harness


Most HID headlight should be able to draw sufficient power from the headlight wiring. On rare occasions the power being drawn from the existing wiring system, in which case a relay harness may resolve this issue.The relay harness' function is to sift the power directly from the battery to the HID ballasts. As mentioned previously, most vehicles' wiring system are efficient enough that they would not require relay harness for their HID kits to function properly.


H4 Conversion


If you've checked your headlights recently and noticed that the bulb and reflector has been assembled within a single sealed casing, you have a sealed beam lights. While there are no readily available ways to replace the bulb within the sealed beam light, there are conversion kits available that will work with the H4 HID bulb type to allow any sealed beam lights installed vehicles with Xenon lights.


HID Ballast Choices


Slim Ballast vs Regular Ballast

Slim ballasts, as the name suggests, are HID ballasts that are comparably smaller than the regular ballasts. Though identical in their performance, the strength of slim ballasts is their capability to be able to be installed in places where bulky regular sized HID ballasts may not fit.

Digital Ballast vs Non Digital Ballast

Digital ballasts may cost little more than the non digital ballasts, but they are well worth the investment. The latest offering from the field of HID lighting can provide your HID conversion kit with cooler, quieter, and efficient performance. In addition the digital ballasts come in a smaller packages than the non-digital ballasts, which makes them easily installable. The digital ballasts are also able to distribute the electricity more evenly in a way that extends the life span of the HID bulbs even further than their regular 2500 hours.


HID Video Reference:


Easy Installation

This clip of How to Install an HID kit guides you through each step with clear-cut instructions. You can see the improvement HIDs have over halogen builds at the end of the video.

Max Durability

In this video you'll see how durable our HID ballasts really are. We run them over with a 3500+ lb. SUV while they are still on, and despite the physical damage, they keep working flawlessly.


Why Should You Choose Our HID Kits To Convert Your Lights:


Why Should You Choose Our HID Kits To Convert Your Lights?

Simple Installation: Every HID kit is completely "plug and play." Just plug it into the existing harness and see the difference immediately.
Enhances Appeal: These HIDs give off a much more attractive, natural looking light and even come in a variety of colors.
Vehicle Value Increases: More people will notice your ride because of the hot new lights it has.
Less Power Usage: Uses three times less power use than traditional halogen bulbs, while giving off more light.
Ultra Long Lasting: HID bulbs are made to last over 2500 hours, or 6 to 7 years! That equals better looks and zero cost for years to come.
Much More Visible: Other motorists will notice your ride sooner and pedestrians will be more visible, improving everyone's safety.
High Performance and Quality: Shockproof, durable and made to last, HID kits will outlast, outshine and outperform any stock halogen bulbs on the market without breaking a sweat.

FREE same day shipping, simple installation and the best support staff in the business are just some of the additional benefits that HID kits from offer.

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